Arizona Desert Builders, Inc. 
Arizona's Residential and Commercial Custom Builder                
John Harcharik has been building custom homes since the 70's. He started building homes in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 1987 the family moved to San Diego and started Carob Construction. He has remodeled over 150 homes in San Diego County, ranging from room additions to entire remodels leaving only exterior walls and ceilings. In the mid 90's he started doing Tenant Improvements and commercial remodeling, including but not limited to ADA restrooms and access. In 1997 he moved his family to Phoenix and started Carob Builders with David and another partner, mainly concentrating on custom homes and remodels. In 2007 his son David got his license and they started Arizona Desert Builders which has completed many custom homes.

David Harcharik grew up the son of a custom home builder, in high school he framed new homes on his summer vacation and painted new Jiffy Lube stores on the weekends. While he was going to college for computer degree, he worked as a tile, marble, and granite installer. In 1987 when the family moved to California he started as a superintendent for Sunstate Homes. At Sunstate he was responsible for up to 150 homes at a times in various stages of constrution. In 1992 David joined his father at Carob Builders and supervised all the jobs. When the family moved to Arizona David worked for B & D concrete, supervising all stages of concrete work for commercial and residential jobs.
In 2003 he started Carob Builders with John and another partner. In 2007 David took the test and formed Arizona Desert Builders. David handles all of the commercial work and dirt work.

In 2011 the company purchased a Bobcat loader and dump trailer to haul materials and trash to and from jobs.

In mid 2011 the company purchased a Bobcat excavator to do trenching and digging.

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